How to Make Your Daily Yogurt GOOD…(and filling)

I feel like yogurt is one of those foods that everyone eats because it is good for us, but no one really loves it, we just kind of tolerate it.  During my first year of college I learned how to make my yogurt not only taste good but also fill me up (which can be hard to do…) My tips to making yogurt both yummy, filling, and still healthy include:

  1. Chia Seeds – Cannot stress this enough… they taste like nothing but have AMAZING health benefits, such as being a whole grain, a good source of protein, and loaded with antioxidants. Love Love LOVE.  (The little black things)
  2. Coconut Flakes – Ugh these are delicious.  If you are scared to try them like some of my friends, DON’T BE! So good and so good for you! That is the best combination, isn’t it?
  3. Berries – Now this should be an obvious one, but if you’re like me, then often you’ll either forget about them, or be too lazy to wash them.  But let me tell you – it is worth it to just wash them! Just buy a fun strainer and boom that is half the battle.  My favorites are blueberries and raspberries, but I like to mix in pineapple from time to time (I know, not a berry…but any fruit is really fine.)
  4. Walnuts – These WILL fill you up and add some crunch to your breakfast.  Just make sure not to use too many, because they are high in fat!
  5. Granola – There are so so so many types of granola (my favorite is called Purely Elizabeth; honestly, YUM.) But my advice is to try out a few and pick your favorite! Granola adds even more crunch to your daily yogurt, and are rich in nutrients – so it is NEVER a bad idea!

If you are not already putting these in your yogurt then I hope you will try! This list has honestly changed the way I see breakfast now.  I am actually excited to get up in the morning because of my yogurt concoctions. Pour in the yogurt, COVER it with everything good, and eat up!!


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