May Food Finds!

THESE ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER. No exaggeration. Even if you aren’t a ~huge~ coconut fan, these things will blow your mind. They’re tasty and crunchy and the bag lasts forever (unless you’re like me and have NO self control). Seriously though, these are amazing. And are sold pretty much at any supermarket (I got mine at Stop&Shop) so they are easy to get! Please buy and eat these little gems of deliciousness.

This is 2nd on my list of May Food Finds because I have found a new love for iced tea. However, I have NOT recently become a millionaire, so I’d rather not spend $5 per drink at Starbucks three times a day.  So if you’re also not a millionaire and love iced tea then this is perfect! This little box makes 6 huge pitchers, and are only like $3 a box…so yeah I’m pretty obsessed.

Ugh I love Trader Joe’s. Like honestly, I could live there if it was not filled with obnoxious customers who are ALWAYS in the way. But these chocolate covered almonds are amazing because they give you a little taste of chocolate without completely putting your calorie count over the edge. And almonds are good for you, dark chocolate has TONS of health benefits…so basically it’s a salad (right?!) These are a good buy along with everything else at Trader Joe’s. Go get ’em. And send me some more because this box is GONE.


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