Lazy Girls Can Work Out Too!

If you’re at all like me, then going to the gym can be a major hassle… Between all the intimidatingly fit people, to the jacked men (which can be oh-so-distracting) it is hard to feel confident while working out in such an environment! I always want to look my best, but sometimes going to the gym is just TOO hard.

Here are some tips for girls who have a hard time getting to the gym (like myself) but still WANT to improve!

  • If you are going to go to the gym – be confident! Don’t worry about what other people are doing, how fast they are running, how little they are sweating – chances are they are feeling just as insecure about their own workout and appearance, so they won’t be worried about what you are doing.
  • I know that for me, the hardest part about going to the gym is actually getting there… I have to convince myself over and over again that it is worth it to go, but still even then it is not enough.  So, on those days that you can get yourself to the gym – make it count! If you live close enough, walk or bike to the gym; if you have to drive, then park in the last spot to burn a few extra calories before and after your workout! Make these habits to enhance every workout.
  • Rainy day? There’s nothing wrong with watching some Netflix, but make it worth your while! Do some sit-ups during Scandal or some squats during Grey’s Anatomy – binging does not have to be bad! Even better: take Netflix with you to the gym! Bring your phone or tablet and get lost in your favorite show while crushing it on the elliptical. Who says you can’t multitask?
  • Take advantage of your resources. The internet and On Demand are loaded with workouts you can do right at home! Grab out your yoga mat and start sweatin’! No gym required.
  • Work out with a friend! This is ALWAYS better than working out alone, and you can push each other to perform better. Go for a jog and struggle together.  A workout buddy is the best kind of friend.
  • Classes, classes, classes. Check out your local gym’s class schedule and see what interests you.  Don’t be afraid to take a yoga class even if you have never tried it before! Zumba and kickboxing are my favorites – you will have a blast while blasting calories! Grab your gal pal and your water bottle and get to class!

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