Tips & Tricks to Surviving Your Freshman Year of College

I’m not going to lie, going to college is SCARY at first.  What if my roommate smells bad? What if I fail all my classes? What if I gain the Freshman 15? (You will.) What if I don’t make any friends? All of these fears are understandable, because I had the same ones.  I wanted to make a list of tips and tricks for surviving freshman year of college for anyone who feels the same fears that I did.


  1. Get out of your comfort zone. If you don’t normally go to parties, go to a party! If you have never thought of playing college sports – join an intramural team! If you love to write but have never shared your work before – inquire about a school newspaper, or see if there are any other clubs that interest you.  Your only regret will be NOT getting involved.
  2. Find your study spot on (or off) campus. Studying in a dorm room works for some people, but many students get more work done when they are away from the distraction of their beds… The library is a useful tool, but is crowded a lot of the time.  Find a private area or café where you can get YOUR best work done.  A lot of the time, schools will offer certain classrooms as a study spot for students – take advantage!
  3. Stay active. If you go to a large school, this is pretty much inevitable.  When I’m at school I usually get the recommended 10,000 steps a day (which honestly NEVER happens when I’m at home).  If you go to a smaller school, staying active might be more difficult.  However, most colleges offer free gym memberships, and the gyms themselves are usually VERY nice.  Lots of college gyms offer fun classes like spinning and kickboxing – go with a friend and check it out!
  4. As a freshman, you will have so many chances to get out and explore.  Check out opportunities on and off campus.  Go for a walk around your college town. If you go to school in the city, you have even better access to all kinds of different opportunities.  Make sure to explore with a friend or two – it’s always safer than being alone!
  5. Don’t Stress. Yes, your GPA matters, but it’s not the end of the world if you get a bad grade.  Just let it act as a motivator for you to do better/study harder next time! You can never lose – you either succeed or you learn.  So get study a lot, sleep even more, and make sure you balance work and play.

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