Summertime Date Ideas

Summer is supposed to be a time of having fun in the sun, right?? Well for me it always fails to meet that expectation.  The days usually just consist of work, sleep, and trying to figure out something NOT boring to do.

I compiled a list of fun dates that you and your beau (or gal pals) can try out this summer to beat the boredom!

  1. Go to the beach! 
  2. Movies. (I just saw Wonder Woman and LOVED it)
  3. Go for a walk in the park/city.
  4. Go out to dinner.
  5. Go out for ice cream.
  6. Bowling.
  7. Mini Golf.
  8. Put some popcorn in the microwave and host your own movie marathon.
  9. S’mores on the fire pit.
  10. Hit the gym!
  11. Plan out a dream vacation with flights, hotels, and meals all worked out.
  12. Organize an area of the house (if you’re REALLY bored)
  13. Find a pool!
  14. Go to a sports game (Go Red Sox!)
  15. Bake something!
  16. Go thrift shopping.
  17. Go to the spa (men can get pedicures, right?)
  18. Read.
  19. Brunch!
  20. Pack a lunch and have a picnic at your favorite spot in town.

I hope this list will relieve some of the  summertime boredom you will inevitably face! Comment below your favorites or if you have any more ideas to add to the list!